• Watch This Space: The Future of Wearables

    Adoption of wearables is rapidly shifting from the exclusive domain of the technophile to the mainstream, yet there’s still vast uncharted territory to be explored. In this panel discussion we’ll briefly review the current limitations of wearables as we then take a speculative look at...

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  • From On-Demand to In Demand

    There’s a question that lingers around the on-demand industry. Is it a phase? Even though the on-demand industry has seen over $4.8 billion invested, some still label it just a passing trend. Before picking a side, hear from panelists who are thriving in this new economy. They’ll share their...

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  • Somebody’s Watching You: Smart Devices and Privacy

    Smart technology watches our every move — in the mall, in our homes, in our cars and at work. It knows where we get our morning coffee, what products we shop for and what websites we visit (even embarrassing ones). Our devices collect information to offer us a better user experience and to serve...

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  • The Changing Face of Silicon Alley: What will (should) it look like by 2020?

    The ethnic and gender demographics of the U.S. population are changing rapidly and the face of the nation will look very different by 2020. How can Silicon Alley get out in front of this trend to ensure a meaningful future for women and people of color in the tech community?

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  • Machine Intelligence Moves to Mobile

    It’s no secret that there has been exponential progress in reaping the benefits of big data. From data processing to storage and retrieval, technological advancements have enabled scientists to glean previously incalculable insights and apply them to a number of use cases ranging from analyzing...

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  • Apps for the convenience generation

    Apps for the convenience generation; a.k.a. apps you grandma won’t understand, but you can no longer live without. Startup founders speak to this era of convenience and “Uber for everything” that is delighting millennials across every aspect of their daily lives.

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  • Coupons, Rebates & Rewards: Cash Matters in a Health Care Marketplace

    With the average health plan deductible soaring over $1,200 per year, more consumers are digging deeper into their pockets for health care costs. And yet, most people receive care before they ever know the price of a procedure or test. No more. Cost calculators and quality scores are bringing...

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  • From Draper to Darwin: Why the Future of the Web Belongs to Scientists, Not...

    These days, it’s faster, easier, and more valuable to test your own idea than it is to prove your expertise. Lauren Gilchrist of Pivotal Labs will share how to think about marketing like a Product Manager would: by determining your riskiest assumptions, designing an experiment, and validating...

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